Big Creek Hydroelectric Powerhouse

Artistic Roof and Design is a leading commercial and industrial roofing company serving the Fresno, California area for more than 20 years. A family-owned business focusing on quality, this company stakes its reputation on providing outstanding service and workmanship with every project they undertake. So when Southern California Edison (the main electrical utility company for the region) contracted Artistic Roof and Design to install a new roof for their Big Creek Hydroelectric Powerhouse on the San Joaquin River, they naturally chose Polyglass as their waterproofing solution of choice.

Project Needs and Challenges

According to lead contractor Kevin Robinson, temperature and moisture presented the two greatest challenges to this installation project, encompassing 235 squares. “The foam is highly sensitive to temperature and moisture, making this a very hard job to do during this time of year,” said Robinson. “The average 8 am temperature on the job was 28 degrees [Fahrenheit]; this being a hydroelectric powerhouse, we [also] had to deal with constant moisture in the air.”

To overcome these challenges, the team started by priming the substrate with PolyBrite® 780, a black, water-based epoxy primer designed to absorb radiant heat from the sun for better bonding of the spray polyurethane foam. After installing the foam layer, they applied a second layer of PolyBrite 780 to add adhesion to the foam and prep the surface for the polyurea layer and waterproof roof coatings to follow.

The roofers finished the surface with Polyglass PG 700-QS (1.5 gallons of grey and 2.5 gallons of white). PG 700-QS is a quick-setting elastomeric coating typically applied to provide resistance to early rain exposure. In this case, it was used to seal the SPF foam against the constant moisture emitted by the powerhouse itself.

Polyglass Product Spotlight

Artistic Roof and Design utilized the following Polyglass products to meet the unique challenges of installing a foam roof on a hydroelectric powerhouse in cold temperatures:

  • PolyBrite® 780 – a black, water-based epoxy primer/sealer that improves the adhesion of spray polyurethane foam to a wide range of roofing materials.
  • PG 700-QS (grey and white) – a quick-setting water-based elastomeric coating that cures to form a seamless, “cool roof” UV-resistant membrane over the entire roof surface.
  • PolyBrite® 73 flashing compound – a premium-grade UV-resistant white elastomeric mastic used for flashing and detail in conjunction with Polyglass’ elastomeric roof coating systems.

Polyglass is a well-known market leader in delivering cutting-edge solutions for the commercial roofing sector, offering a comprehensive range of high-quality goods tailored to suit roofing needs of all types. Polyglass now offers high-performance and exceptional quality Building Envelope Solutions.

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Lereta Headquarters

CIS logo C.I. Services, Inc. is a Mission Viejo, California-based commercial/industrial roofing company that has gained statewide notoriety over the past three decades for their high-quality commercial roofing installation, maintenance, and repair services. In recent years, C.I. Services has also expanded into providing solar roof solutions, solidifying their reputation as an industry-leading surface support company for the southern California region.

When Lereta, LLC, a property tax and flood services company, needed a roof restoration for their headquarters in Pomona, C.I. Services was their contractor of choice. Naturally, C.I. Services turned to Polyglass products to ensure a quality restoration.

Project Needs and Challenges

The Lereta roofing project consisted of an aging Sarnafil PVC roof – 500 squares in total. C.I. Services determined that a quality silicone roof coating would restore the integrity of the roof. To meet the requirements of a 15-year warranty, C.I. Services chose to install PolyBrite single-ply primer and PolyBrite 90.1 Silicone at a rate of two gallons per square foot.

“This project was very straightforward,” says C.I. Services General Manager Marcus Clinco. “We pressure washed the roof, primed with the single-ply primer and sprayed the silicone in one pass. We actually even purchased a new Graco 933 spray rig specifically for this project so we could spray silicone.”

Despite their confidence in Polyglass products, the contractors wanted to be doubly certain of the results, which is why they made sure to do a field adhesion test.

“This was the first-ever Polyglass project installed over worn PVC using the PolyBrite Primer,” says Clinco. “Polyglass rep Dan Gentile came out and did pull tests, and we even cut out a sample of the old roof membrane and gave it to him so he could send it back to Florida for further testing.”

Watch the video below to learn how to conduct a field adhesion test:

YouTube video


In the end, the Polyglass products stood up to the test. “The customer was very happy with the final product,” says Clinco.

Polyglass Elastomeric Roof Coatings

C.I. Services used the following Polyglass products for the Lereta roof restoration project:

  • PolyBrite Primer – one-part primer used for enhancing adhesion of Polyglass silicone roof coatings to a variety of porous and non-porous substrates.
  • PolyBrite 90.1 Silicone Roof Coating – a premium grade liquid-applied silicone coating that provides outstanding weathering and fungal resistance while also offering ultraviolet protection for an energy-saving “cool roof” effect.

C.I. Services and other industry-leading contractors choose Polyglass roofing products for their quality and reliability, as well as outstanding technical support and warranty coverage. With decades of proven experience and a commitment to innovation, Polyglass has developed a line of trusted roofing systems and products that address a wide range of commercial roofing challenges.

Contact us today for more information on how Polyglass products can serve your roofing needs.

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ICU Medical

CIS logo Based in Mission Viejo, California, C.I. Services, Inc. is one of the top commercial/industrial roofing companies in the state. Since its beginnings in 1992, the company has built a solid rapport in the industry for quality commercial roofing installation, maintenance, and repair. In recent years, C.I. Services has also emerged as a leading company for solar roof solutions, galvanizing their status as the go-to surface support company in the region.

Recently, a medical supply firm called ICU Medical contracted C.I. Services for an 80,000-square-foot roof restoration project for one of their warehousing and distribution centers in Santa Fe Springs, CA.

Project Needs and Challenges

According to C.I. Services General Manager Marcus Clinco, the roof system at ICU Medical was in notably bad shape when they made their first evaluation.

Wear and tear on the ICU Medical roof
Wear and tear on the ICU Medical roof

“The warehouse is climate controlled, and many of the supplies they carry are sensitive to temperature and moisture,” says Clinco. “They had been dealing with leak issues with the roof for a couple of years and were looking for a cost-effective long-term solution for dealing with the roof.”

Another challenge for this specific project was that the total roof surface was not uniform but consisted of two different types of roofing, both showing significant signs of wear.

ICU Medical before roof restoration
ICU Medical’s two types of roof

“The existing roofing was a combination of older single-ply membrane on about three-fourths of the roof and a cap sheet built-up roof on about one-fourth of the roof,” says Clinco. “The single-ply was definitely worn, and there were many areas on the roof where the polyester scrim in the membrane was starting to show and become exposed.”

When viewing the roof and noting its makeup, CIS project managers quickly ascertained that Polyglass roofing products were the best solution for the project.

Polyglass Silicone Elastomeric Roof Coatings

To deal with these specific challenges, the team at C.I. Services needed a silicone-based elastomeric roof coating that could easily cover and seal both roof types.

“Based on [the roof] conditions, we immediately thought of a 20-year silicone application to restore the roof to serviceable condition,” Clinco says. “Since the roof was only one layer, and the single-ply membrane was still in good enough shape to provide the base for a coating application, we made the recommendation for the Polyglass Polybrite silicone system.”

The team chose a two-part application for the roof at ICU Medical. They began with an application of Polybrite 98 Primer, a water-based primer and bleed blocker designed to enhance consistent silicone adhesion on a variety of different substrate types. For the top layer, they applied Polybrite 90.1 Silicone Coating, a premium liquid applied coating that cures to a highly durable and flexible membrane. Polybrite 90.1 is also rated for its UV resistance and “cool roof” properties, an important feature for helping the warehouse maintain optimum interior temperatures.

Noted contractors like C.I. Services choose Polyglass roofing products, not only for quality and reliability, but also because of our unmatched technical support and one of the strongest warranties in the industry. Polyglass offers roofing systems and products that easily address a wide range of commercial roofing challenges.

Contact us today for more information on how Polyglass products can serve your roofing needs.

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Wildwood School

Since its founding in 1976, Wilson Pacific Roofing has garnered a well-deserved reputation as one of Southern California’s top commercial roofing companies.

Wilson Pacific Roofing logo “Over the last 44 years, we have roofed and re-roofed the same buildings for our clients since we opened,” says owner Rick Wilson. “They are not only happy with our quality re-roof work, but our clients are also very pleased with our guaranteed roof maintenance and repairs.”

When Wilson Pacific was called on to perform a re-roof project at Wildwood Middle and Upper School in Los Angeles, California, they knew Polyglass was the project’s brand of choice. To ensure the highest level of quality and to meet the project’s specific needs, they tapped their Polyglass technical advisor, Rick Mapes, to formulate a roof system specially designed for the school.

Project Needs and Challenges

Wildwood High School occupies a single large building consisting of a twin-barrel roof structure with a flat blind valley separating the barrels. The previous Glascap roof was showing signs of wear but was still in fair condition. The original plan had been to repair and re-coat the existing roof, but the team soon determined that the planned installation of 21 new skylights and six HVAC systems would make that strategy impractical. In addition, the roof needed to be able to stand up to a considerable amount of wear-and-tear. “We [were] aware that foot traffic was going to be a frequent occurrence,” says Wilson. “We needed a tough and durable roof system to meet this challenge.”

Mapes and the Wilson Pacific Roofing team determined that the best solution would be to recover over the existing roof structure using Polyglass products. “The structure can easily support the additional weight,” says Wilson, “and at the same time, we could save the existing roof insulation.”

The team began by leveling the roof deck, filling in the insulation gaps left by the skylights and HVAC installations using new 4″ polyiso insulation and 1/2″ Densdeck.

After priming the surface with Polyglass PG-100 Fast-Drying Asphalt Primer, they applied the 2-layer Polyfresko G Roof System, which consists of a Polyflex APP modified bitumen membrane welded directly to the roof, followed by the application of the Polyfresko G Modified Cool Cap Sheet.

The team specifically chose the Polyfresko G system due to its patented CURE Technology. This innovative thin film technology offers enhanced performance benefits that include UV stabilization, granule adhesion, high reflectivity, scuff resistance, and stain resistance — all of which make the roof system particularly robust and durable for many years to come.

Become a Registered Polyglass Contractor like Wilson Pacific Roofing

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Polyglass is an industry-leading company that provides an extensive line of roofing systems and products to address a wide range of roofing challenges. To learn more, contact us here.

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Air-Sea Forwarders Warehouse

Headquartered in Chatsworth, CA, Wilson Pacific Roofing is one of the leading roofing companies in Southern California, having completed thousands of commercial and residential roofing projects since launching in 1976.

When Wilson Pacific Roofing was contracted by Air-Sea Forwarders to re-roof their 34,000-square-foot warehouse, Polyglass roofing products were Wilson’s first choice.

“We use Polyglass for almost all of our flat reroof projects,” explains company president Rick Wilson. “Polyglass roof products are ideal for the warm Southern California climate and are versatile for any type of roof deck. We always give our clients the option of the 12, 25, or 30-year Polyglass roof systems. In this case, our client requested the 12-year two-layer Polyfresko G roof system.”

Project Needs and Challenges

Reroofing Air-Sea ForwardersAir-Sea Forwarders is an air and ocean import/export company that also administers warehousing solutions for businesses on a global scale. One of the warehouses they utilize in Southern California was in need of complete reroofing due to deterioration of the original cap sheet.

The challenge for Wilson Pacific Roofing was to install a high-quality roofing system that could stand up against the hot, dry climate while keeping the building in compliance with California’s strict Title 24 energy-efficiency standards. Thankfully, they were able to choose Polyglass products that easily exceed these minimum requirements.

The project began with the removal of all existing roof layers and an inspection of the roof structure supports. After replacing four cracked roof structure supports and several HVAC base flashings, the Wilson team began by fastening a standard glass base sheet membrane across the entire roof structure.

They then applied a Polyflex APP modified bitumen membrane over the glass base sheet to serve as a target sheet. This was followed by the application of Polyfresko G Highly Reflective White APP Cap Sheet, which features patented CURE Technology for UV stabilization and a “cool roof” effect. To better hold the cap in place, Wilson applied Polyglass PG-100 Fast-Drying Asphalt Primer to the building’s tilt-up concrete walls.

To finish out the project and complete the roof’s aesthetic, the team applied Polyglass Detail & Repair Finish to the bleed-out areas of the roof.

Become a Registered Polyglass Contractor like Wilson Pacific Roofing

Wilson Pacific Roofing logo

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Polyglass has emerged as a leader in the roofing products industry, having developed a broad line of high-quality products and solutions designed to address a wide range of roofing challenges. Contact us to learn more.

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Pine Creek Village Condos

Project Overview
After 15 years, the spray polyurethane foam roof installed on the Pine Creek Village Condos in Lancaster, California was in poor condition.  The elastomeric roof coating applied to protect the roof was not maintained and as a result, the roof deteriorated.  The Pine Creek Village HOA selected SBR Roofing for the re-roof project, a commercial roofing specialist with more than 50 years in business.

To properly install the new roof system, the roofing crew had to disconnect and lift 32 AC units (8 units per building).  In addition, the residual foam on the AC ducts had to be cleaned by a foreman to allow the roofing crew to detail the plenum base flashings.  To ensure that residents had cooling at night, the AC units were reconnected at the end of every work day.  SBR Roofing worked efficiently and quickly to complete the project.

The Roof System Selected
Re-roofing is a long-term investment and the building owners needed a solution that would perform. The new roofing solution also needed to be a cool roof, one that strongly reflects sunlight and also cools itself by efficiently emitting radiation to its surroundings.

SBR Roofing installed a two-ply modified bitumen system. The roofing crew mechanically attached one layer of Polyglass G2 Base sheet to the wooden deck and torch applied Polyfresko® G cap sheet to create the final layer of protection for the system. Polyglass’ Polyfresko G is a highly reflective white APP cap sheet with CURE Technology®, a thin film technology applied during the manufacturing process. CURE Technology increases the membranes durability, stain and UV resistance, energy efficiency, and granule retention. Furthermore, Polyfresko G meets or exceeds most standards for cool roofs, is listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) with an SRI of 96 and is California Title 24 compliant.