underlayments_groupWhen it comes to roofing, the choice of a high-quality underlayment may be the most important decision you make. As the last line of defense against leaks, the roof underlayment needs to provide a durable, uncompromising waterproof seal between your roof and sub-roof that ensures the outside elements stay outside. As the industry leader in roofing technologies, Polyglass manufactures Polystick® roof underlayments, rubberized asphalt membranes reinforced with glass fiber or polyester mat, providing an impenetrable barrier designed to withstand the harshest of elements, year after year.

Polystick roof underlayments feature our revolutionary ADESO® Technology, a patented method of manufacturing dual-compound self-adhesive membranes featuring enhanced lap sealing, designed to provide unmatched waterproofing across a wide range of roofing applications. This unique formulation includes an aggressive self-adhering bottom layer coupled with one of several types of top surfaces, depending on the application and waterproofing needs. No other underlayment on the market is made with this unique formulation, and none can surpass its level of protection.

Polystick roof underlayments are designed to cover a full range of roofing applications, providing proven protection on nearly every steep slope type of roof. Polystick roof underlayents are an excellent choice for shingle, tile, slate, shake or metal roofs. Our roof underlayments can even remain exposed for extended periods of time, so if your top layer installation is delayed, your building is still protected.

Polyglass products are known for their advanced technology, eco-friendliness and uncompromising quality, and our roof underlayment products are no exception. To learn more about which Polyglass roof underlayment is best for your roofing project, contact us today at 800-222-9782.