Polystick® MX

Applicable Standards
Application Methods
Adeso Technology

Polystick MX is a self-adhered high-temp waterproofing underlayment for metal roof coverings and various other applications. Utilizing ADESO® dual-compound self-adhered technology, Polystick MX features a polymer modified bitumen upper compound and a proprietary self-adhesive SBS (elastomeric) compound on the bottom. A split release film that protects the self-adhesive compound allows for easy application.
Polystick MX features a cavitated slip-resistant top film surface which can be exposed up to 90 days. With a temperature resistance of up to 250°F, Polystick MX is ideally suited for high-temperature roof covering systems such as steel and aluminum panels.

Typical Applications

• Specifically designed as underlayment for high-temperature applications under metal
• Suitable for application under asphalt shingles and other approved roof coverings
• Over entire roof and/or for valleys, skylights and other critical areas

Features and Benefits

• ADESO dual-compound self-adhered technology
• Cavitated slip-resistant film surface with up to 90 days exposure
• Fiberglass reinforced for added strength and dimensional stability.
• Self-adhered technology increases labor efficiency and roof dry-in speed
• Asphaltic compound provides excellent sealability around nails
• Approved up to 250°F

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