Mapestrip™ 25

Hydrophilic, Expanding Rubber Waterstop for Watertight Joints and Transitions

Mapestrip™ 25 is a pre-formed hydrophilic rubber strip, with an acrylic polymer base specially designed to form watertight construction joints. Controlled volumetric expansion reduces the risk of concrete spalling. Mapestrip™ 25 is ideal for horizontal and vertical construction joints and penetrations though slabs and walls.

  • Rolls: ¾” x 1″ x 16.4′ (20 mm x 25 mm x 5 m)
  • Does not contain bentonite
  • Uniform, volumetric expansion – up to 120%
  • Simple overlap jointing
  • Reproducible swell after wet, dry cycling
  • Unaffected by freeze, thaw cycle

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