Applicable Standards

PolyPUF is sprayed in place polyurethane foam (PUF). This high performance roof insulation product improves building durability, energy efficiency, and one of the lowest lifecycle cost roof systems available today. PolyPUF is seamless and self-flashing. PolyPUF eliminates thermal bridging and adds superior insulation properties for improved building energy efficiency.

PolyPUF roofing insulation can be applied directly to most existing substrates, eliminating the cost of tear-off and reducing waste sent to landfills. PolyPUF can perform for 20 to 30 years with minimal, proper maintenance. The system is renewable for added life! Simply recoat for many years of service.

PolyPUF is closed cell insulation. The insulation adds waterproofing to the roofing systems. Save money throughout the life of the roof with PolyPUF:

  • No Tear-off and disposal costs
  • Annual net energy savings from superior insulation and reflective coatings
  • Consequential damages due to leaks: zero
  • Recoating costs less than replacing a roof membrane system.

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