The latest environmental focus on using “cooler” surfaces to reduce Urban Heat Island (UHI) effects in urban spaces has led many to desire materials with increased reflectivity and emissivity. At this […]
Regardless of who you ask, the decision between using roofing cement, roof mastics, flashing cement, or a cold adhesive is confusing for most. So, who is to blame for this […]
This article by Steven Wadding, Corporate Project Manager for Polyglass U.S.A, Inc., originally appeared in the July 2022 Issue of the Florida Roofing Magazine and has been modified for the […]
Polyglass is known for innovation; it has become an industry-recognized trademark over the company’s 30 years of growth and success in the United States. One of Polyglass’ commercial system specialists, […]
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The building envelope helps protect occupants from external environmental forces and plays a critical role in improving a structure’s overall energy efficiency. Building envelope components like exterior walls and doors, […]
Adequate moisture and water control are critical for the success of any below-grade enclosure system. While concrete is a highly-durable and cost-effective building material, easy to make, and requires very […]
The rise in building material costs is putting significant pressure on meeting project budgets. Building owners/developers are asking project teams to look for opportunities to value engineer portions of each […]
Seasonal weather conditions pose several challenges to low-slope roof installations and repair work. The daily stress of the natural elements also causes constant wear and tear to existing roofing systems. […]
Roof and wall systems, exterior doors, windows, and below-grade systems form a building’s envelope. These systems protect occupants from external environmental forces, such as wind, sun, rain, and snow, and […]
The importance of site preparation is paramount to the success of any below-grade waterproofing project not only from a quality perspective but also to keep the project on track and […]
There are many options and considerations when designing, selecting, and installing below-grade waterproofing systems. It is important to evaluate systems based on the complexity of the project design, site conditions, […]
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It’s that time of year again in the Northern Hemisphere when building owners, contractors, and homeowners living along the Eastern Seaboard and coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico start […]
Due to the wide surface area that they cover, roofing systems for low-slope roofs get their fair share of exposure to different weather conditions. Prolonged rain, UV, and wind exposure […]
Different job sites and scenarios may call for diverse roofing application methods. Roof covering types, the local weather, standards for on-site construction, and ease of access are all pieces of […]
How better to mark three decades of reliable and cutting-edge product development for the U.S. roofing and waterproofing industry than to set sights on another 30 years of exciting business […]