Mapeproof™ Sealant


Mapeproof Sealant is a trowel-grade sealant, composed of sodium bentonite clay and specially designed polymers, that is used as a detailing accessory in conjunction with Mapeproof HW and Mapeproof SW waterproofing membranes.

Mapeproof Sealant is comprised of a sodium bentonite based technology which swells when it encounters water, sealing against water intrusion. Mapeproof Sealant is easily applied and bonds to a wide variety of substrates. Ideal for use in a wide array of detailing applications to form a seamless waterproofing system when used with Mapeproof HW or Mapeproof SW.

Features and Benefits

  • Swells in the presence of water helping to prevent water intrusion
  • Can be installed over damp or green concrete
  • Not affected by rises and falls in the water table
  • Can be installed at the laps in wall applications for added protection against hydrostatic conditions
  • No VOCs

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