Elastoflex SA V PLUS

Applicable Standards
Application Methods
Adeso Technology

Elastoflex SA V Plus membrane is a robust, self-adhered, elastomeric base ply low-slope roofing product manufactured using patented ADESO® dual-compound self-adhered technology, whereby a “true” Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) modified asphalt compound is applied on the top layer and an aggressive self-adhesive compound is applied on the bottom layer. Elastoflex SA V Plus is built with a high quality reinforced fiberglass mat to ensure strength and excellent dimensional stability, providing a robust membrane that resists natural forces and other factors on the rooftop.

Elastoflex SA V Plus membrane is finished with film that has laylines on the top surface and a split release film on the bottom surface.

When used in conjunction with Elastoflex SA P or other approved Polyglass self-adhered cap sheet, Elastoflex SA V Plus provides cleaner application, improved application speed and removes the need for torches, hot asphalt or bonding adhesives on the job site.

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