Polyglass prides itself on manufacturing innovative and quality roofing and waterproofing products that exceed the needs and expectations of its customers worldwide.

Polyglass offers a complete range of superior products and systems to provide for all structural waterproofing specifications and requirements:

  • Pre-Applied Horizontal and Vertical Applications
  • Post Applied Foundation Walls
  • Above Grade Exterior Walls
  • Decks, Plazas, and Elevated Decks
  • Fully Bonded Self-adhered Sheet Membranes or Fluid Applied Membranes
  • Complete Portfolio of System Accessories

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What is a Building Envelope?

The building envelope comprises all the materials that make up the wall assemblies, roof systems, exterior doors, windows, and below-grade components (horizontal slabs and foundation walls) that physically separate and protect a building’s interior environment from external environmental forces and conditions.

A building’s enclosure helps to balance and control its internal environment, keeping occupants safe and comfortable. Inadequate ‘sealing’ of the building envelope leads to performance issues (decreased efficiencies) and compromises a building’s structural integrity.

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