Polystick® TU P

Applicable Standards
Application Methods
Adeso Technology

Polystick TU P is self-adhered waterproofing underlayment specifically for use in adhesive foam or mechanically fastened roof tile applications. Utilizing ADESO® dual-compound self-adhered technology, Polystick TU P features a polymer modified bitumen upper compound and a proprietary self-adhesive SBS (elastomeric) compound on the bottom. A split release film that protects the self adhesive compound allows for easy application.

The mineral granules used on the top surface of Polystick TU P provide maximum skid resistance as well as an extended exposure time of up to 36 months. The combination of the unique surfacing, polyester-glass reinforcement and membrane thickness makes Polystick TU P an extremely robust, scuff and puncture resistant membrane with ultra long exposure times.

Polystick TU P features patented SEALLap® factory applied adhesive treatment at the membrane overlap which provides a quick watertight bond.

Although Polystick TU P is designed as an underlayment for clay and concrete tile coverings, this membrane can also be installed under slate tiles.

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