Mapedrain™ HS PLUS


Mapedrain HS PLUS provides hydrostatic relief while preventing the passage of soil or sand particles which might clog the polypropylene core. Mapedrain HS PLUS includes a polymeric protective film on the back side to provide additional protection to waterproofing membranes. Mapedrain HS PLUS has additional compressive strength, and higher flow capacity, for critical applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight and easy to install, Mapedrain HS PLUS provides cost savings and eliminates the need for aggregate backfill.
  • Mapedrain HS PLUS also serves as a protection course for Polyglass below grade and horizontal deck waterproofing membranes.
  • Mapedrain HS PLUS’s extra high compression strength withstands even higher backfill pressure.
  • Mapedrain HS PLUS channels water away from installed waterproofing systems.
  • Native soils can be used over Mapedrain HS PLUS.
  • Geotextile filter fabric prevents intrusion of soil, concrete, or construction grouts into the flow channels.
  • Unaffected by permanent immersion in water, bacteria, dilute acids and alkalis: Mapedrain HS PLUS will not deteriorate when exposed to these conditions.
  • Mapedrain HS PLUS offers below-grade relief of hydrostatic pressure against foundation and retaining walls, when connected to a passive gravity drain or operational sump pump.
  • The drain core is 40% post-industrial recycled polypropylene material.

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