This article by Steven Wadding, Corporate Project Manager for Polyglass U.S.A, Inc., originally appeared in the July 2022 Issue of the Florida Roofing Magazine and has been modified for the […]
Silicone Roof Coatings Repair 1
March and Spring are here in the great Pacific Northwest, which means potholes are appearing on most roads, and sunset is close to 6 pm. March marks the end of […]
Professional Roofing NCRA, Product Spotlight PG 500_PP 50_263x175_Digital_Feb2022
Polyglass is a leader in manufacturing, roofing, and waterproofing materials, with a range of products and coatings that can extend a roof’s lifespan. When tackling the application of a roof […]
When installing any roofing system, thorough preparation is the key to a successful coating application. Roofs must be clean, dry, and structurally sound to help materials such as membranes, cement, […]
Using a brush to apply elastomeric coatings
Roof coatings are useful materials that can shore up roof parts vulnerable to water damage and other problems. This protection also extends to roofing details such as flashing and roof […]
Cool Roof Coatings diagram
As the sun’s relentless glare buffets a roof, it can suffer various problems. While modern cool roofs can mitigate these issues, older roofs cannot be protected easily from the sun. […]