Polyfresko Membranes
In this video, we'll go through a complete ADESO self-adhered membranes installation guide and best practices when applying these membranes to low-sloped roofs. We'll also provide a detailed guide to using ADESO SA membranes
Multi-ply roof system featuring Polyfresko G SA with Cure Technology.
Tim, a Polyschool trainer with Polyglass, will now walk you through a proper scupper flashing installation guide using our Elastoflex SA V base sheet and Polyflex SA P granulated cap […]
Self-adhered, three-ply modified bitumen roof system featuring highly reflective Polyfresko G SA cap sheet.
In this post, we will be going over the importance of properly staggering your base sheets in a multi-ply system. Follow our detailed guide to using properly staggered plies, focusing […]
Steep-Slope Roofing Installation
When installing a steep-slope roofing system, several other roofing details need to be applied. These details perform a range of vital functions for the roofing system. Polyglass is a leader […]
Roofing Underlayments
When installing a steep-slope roofing system, there are several roofing details to consider. These vary from wall flashing to roof penetrations and valleys. But before installing any of these details, […]
Bucket of Polyflash 1C
PolyFlash 1C is ideal for contractors to keep on hand when performing roof maintenance as a reliable and versatile solution for temporary or permanent roof repairs. Here’s a detailed guide […]