PolyAnchor® HV

Applicable Standards
Application Methods
Mechanically Attached

PolyAnchor HV is a nailable anchor sheet specially designed for the temporary protection of steep-slope roofs in areas prone to high winds. Designed with Duofix™ Technology, PolyAnchor HV uses a strong bituminous bonding surface combined with a special tear resistant fiberglass mat to provide superior wind uplift resistance. The top surface of PolyAnchor HV is formulated to provide an ideal bonding surface for Polystick polymer modified self-adhered underlayments. The bituminous compounds in the sheet enhances sealability around fasteners and moisture protection while the heavy-duty mat provides strength and tear resistance around fasteners and plates.PolyAnchor HV is ideally suited for use with clay/concrete tile roof covering systems with Polystick TU Plus or TU Max as the final substrate for the roof covering. PolyAnchor HV is also suitable for use under asphalt shingles.

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