Reroofing Air-Sea Forwarders
Reroofing Air-Sea Forwarders
Reroofing Air-Sea Forwarders
Inglewood Commercial Roofing
Reroofing Air-Sea Forwarders
Reroofing Air-Sea Forwarders
Reroofing Air-Sea Forwarders
Inglewood Commercial Roofing

Air-Sea Forwarders Warehouse

Project Type Commercial
State/Region California
Application Type Heat-Welded
Year 2019
Square Footage 34,000
Substrate Standard glass base sheet

Headquartered in Chatsworth, CA, Wilson Pacific Roofing is one of the leading roofing companies in Southern California, having completed thousands of commercial and residential roofing projects since launching in 1976.

When Wilson Pacific Roofing was contracted by Air-Sea Forwarders to re-roof their 34,000-square-foot warehouse, Polyglass roofing products were Wilson’s first choice.

“We use Polyglass for almost all of our flat reroof projects,” explains company president Rick Wilson. “Polyglass roof products are ideal for the warm Southern California climate and are versatile for any type of roof deck. We always give our clients the option of the 12, 25, or 30-year Polyglass roof systems. In this case, our client requested the 12-year two-layer Polyfresko G roof system.”

Project Needs and Challenges

Reroofing Air-Sea ForwardersAir-Sea Forwarders is an air and ocean import/export company that also administers warehousing solutions for businesses on a global scale. One of the warehouses they utilize in Southern California was in need of complete reroofing due to deterioration of the original cap sheet.

The challenge for Wilson Pacific Roofing was to install a high-quality roofing system that could stand up against the hot, dry climate while keeping the building in compliance with California’s strict Title 24 energy-efficiency standards. Thankfully, they were able to choose Polyglass products that easily exceed these minimum requirements.

The project began with the removal of all existing roof layers and an inspection of the roof structure supports. After replacing four cracked roof structure supports and several HVAC base flashings, the Wilson team began by fastening a standard glass base sheet membrane across the entire roof structure.

They then applied a Polyflex APP modified bitumen membrane over the glass base sheet to serve as a target sheet. This was followed by the application of Polyfresko G Highly Reflective White APP Cap Sheet, which features patented CURE Technology for UV stabilization and a “cool roof” effect. To better hold the cap in place, Wilson applied Polyglass PG-100 Fast-Drying Asphalt Primer to the building’s tilt-up concrete walls.

To finish out the project and complete the roof’s aesthetic, the team applied Polyglass Detail & Repair Finish to the bleed-out areas of the roof.

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Products Used

Polyfresko G

Polyfresko® G





PG 100


Polyglass Detail & Repair Finish