Pine Creek Village Condos

Project Type Residential
State/Region California
Application Type Heat-Welded, Mechanically Attached
Year 2016

Project Overview
After 15 years, the spray polyurethane foam roof installed on the Pine Creek Village Condos in Lancaster, California was in poor condition.  The elastomeric roof coating applied to protect the roof was not maintained and as a result, the roof deteriorated.  The Pine Creek Village HOA selected SBR Roofing for the re-roof project, a commercial roofing specialist with more than 50 years in business.

To properly install the new roof system, the roofing crew had to disconnect and lift 32 AC units (8 units per building).  In addition, the residual foam on the AC ducts had to be cleaned by a foreman to allow the roofing crew to detail the plenum base flashings.  To ensure that residents had cooling at night, the AC units were reconnected at the end of every work day.  SBR Roofing worked efficiently and quickly to complete the project.

The Roof System Selected
Re-roofing is a long-term investment and the building owners needed a solution that would perform. The new roofing solution also needed to be a cool roof, one that strongly reflects sunlight and also cools itself by efficiently emitting radiation to its surroundings.

SBR Roofing installed a two-ply modified bitumen system. The roofing crew mechanically attached one layer of Polyglass G2 Base sheet to the wooden deck and torch applied Polyfresko® G cap sheet to create the final layer of protection for the system. Polyglass’ Polyfresko G is a highly reflective white APP cap sheet with CURE Technology®, a thin film technology applied during the manufacturing process. CURE Technology increases the membranes durability, stain and UV resistance, energy efficiency, and granule retention. Furthermore, Polyfresko G meets or exceeds most standards for cool roofs, is listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) with an SRI of 96 and is California Title 24 compliant.


Products Used

Polyfresko® G


Polyglass G2 Base