M3 Roofing Brickell Terrace

M3 Roofing is a residential and commercial roofing company in Miami, FL, run by the husband-and-wife team, Xavier and Michelle Molina. This family-operated business is known for its commitment to excellence, quality, and customer service. When called on to complete a 6,000-square-foot re-roof project for the Brickell View Terrace Apartments in Miami, M3 Roofing selected a self-adhered, multi-ply roofing system from Polyglass for the job.

Project Background

Brickell Terrace is a five-story condo complex situated minutes from the beach in the Brickell area in trendy Downtown Miami. The roof was due for a complete replacement, having numerous areas of leakage and having undergone repairs multiple times.

The re-roofing project came with several challenges. The five-story roof was accessible only through the stairwell, there were multiple air conditioning units to work around, plus a wireless communications tower impeded progress. The building was also occupied, presenting a challenge when it came to turning off the air conditioning units to work on the roof and putting pressure on the roofing team to disrupt residents as little as possible. The M3 team needed a high-quality, durable roofing solution that was easy to install while dealing with these issues.

After removing the old roof to expose and clean the concrete deck, an asphalt primer was used to prep the deck before an underlayer of tapered insulation ISO was applied. The Polyglass multi-ply roofing system utilized Elastoflex SA V for the base layer and a Polyflex G cap sheet. A combination of ADESO® self-adhering technology in the base membrane and granule-free FASTLap® end laps for the cap sheet meant the M3 Roofing team could complete the project within a month with minimal disruption to residents.

“This project presented itself with many difficulties due to the height of the project and accessibility,” said Xavier Molina, Chief Roofologist for M3. “Using Polyglass products, we installed a quality roofing system in a timely and efficient fashion.”

Product Spotlight

M3 Roofing used the following Polyglass products in their re-roofing of Brickell View Terrace:

  • Elastoflex SA V: A premium SBS-modified asphalt self-adhered compound membrane, Elastoflex SA V is designed to provide lasting waterproofing and durability against the hot, humid climate of Miami, utilizing an ADESO self-adhering bottom layer for quick, easy application.
  • Polyflex G: A high-quality APP granulated cap sheet designed for low-slope roofs. Polyflex G offers a powerful combination of flexibility and puncture resistance with patented FASTLap technology for granule-free end laps, facilitating ease and speed of application.

Polyglass has a superior range of APP and SBS modified bitumen roofing products for every roofing requirement. Contact us today to discuss your commercial or residential roofing needs.

Cypress Cove

Based in Fort Myers, Florida, CFS Roofing is one of the pre-eminent roofing companies for both residential and commercial roofs in the Florida area, having a proven reputation spanning more than 40 years. When CFS was contracted by the Cypress Cove residential community in Fort Myers to install new metal roofing throughout the 43-acre campus, Polyglass was their brand of choice for the roofing project’s underlayment.

Project Background

The Cypress Cove project involved installing an Englert S2000 snap lock metal roofing system across a series of complex roofing structures – more than 500,000 square feet of surface in total. The team used Polyglass’ Polystick® MTS Plus as a steep-slope roof underlayment before installing the snap-lock roofing system. They then applied Tite Bond metal roofing sealant for final weatherproofing. Not only was the project a massive undertaking in itself, but the CFS team also had to fight through the COVID pandemic and supply chain issues to get the job done.

Although Englert typically requires contractors to use their own underlayment for such projects for warranty purposes, due to the sheer scope of the project, the company made an exception for CFS at their request and allowed them to install MTS Plus instead.

“The exposure rate [for MTS Plus] is much longer than the required Englert HT, which is mandatory to use for their weathertight warranty,” explained Aaron Manual, Roofing Metal Manager for CFS.

Polystick MTS Plus is rated for exposure for up to 180 days.

“Englert accepted the use of MTS due to the large-scale project and knowing that the underlayment would be exposed for a longer than normal period of time.”

Exposure time was not the only reason CFS chose Polyglass. Said Manual, “The MTS Plus has a cover sheet that is more slip-resistant than the competitors. All in all, I think it is one of the best underlayments on the market for metal roofing.”

This project was selected as the 2023 Shining Star Award.

2023 S.T.A.R. Awards

Polyglass Product Spotlight

Polystick® MTS Plus is a self-adhered waterproofing underlayment formulated for metal roofs and other high-temperature applications with a temperature resistance of up to 265 degrees Fahrenheit.

Equipped with revolutionary ADESO® self-adhered technology, MTS Plus gives contractors the benefit of the most advanced and time-tested technology on today’s market, saving money by cutting down installation times. This underlayment also features an effective anti-skid top surface.

At the cutting edge of technology and innovation, Polyglass is an industry leader in providing professional commercial roofers and specifiers with reliable, time-tested products for every application.

For more information about our range of Polystick roof underlayments for steep-sloped roofs, click here. Alternatively, contact us to learn more about how our products can benefit your next residential or commercial roofing project.



2020 Street of Dreams

Ramon RoofingWith locations in Austin and Fort Worth, TX, Ramon Roofing has been one of the go-to full-service roofing companies in the State of Texas for more than 25 years.

When Ramon Roofing recently installed a new 24-gauge standing seam metal roof system for Fort Worth, Texas Magazine’s 2020 Street of Dreams project, their underlayment of choice was the self-adhered Polyglass’ Polystick® MTS Plus.

Their work on this project earned them a coveted 2020 Golden Hammer Award from the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association (NTRCA) for Best Residential Metal Roof.

Project Needs and Challenges

This roofing project involved installing a 9500-square-foot standing seam metal roof on a sprawling new construction home in Southlake TX. This project was particularly complex because the roof was cut up into several sections with multiple pitches.

Given the hot summers typical of the Texas climate, Ramon Roofing also knew they needed a high-quality underlayment that was specifically designed to withstand the high temperatures the metal roof would undoubtedly experience.

To meet the challenges of this project, Ramon Roofing chose Polystick MTS PLUS, a self-adhered waterproofing underlayment specifically designed for high-temperature applications such as metal roofing systems.

Polystick MTS PLUS

Polystick MTS PLUS provided a perfect solution because its slip-resistant film makes it ideal for providing traction on roofing systems with multiple slopes and pitches — plus it can remain exposed for up to 180 days, giving the roofers time to give the roof the attention it deserves.

Known for its high tensile strength and thermal stability, Polystick MTS PLUS is also rated to withstand temperatures up to 265°F, making it an excellent choice for the warm Texas climate. Additionally, Polystick MTS PLUS also features our patented ADESO® Self-Adhered Technology, a dual-compound manufacturing process with a robust self-adhesive applied to the bottom surface of the membrane with a split-release film for incredibly easy application.

Polyglass congratulates Ramon Roofing for winning NRTCA’s 2020 Golden Hammer Award for this amazing roofing system, and we’re proud to have contributed to their success.

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Polyglass offers a wide range of innovative roofing solutions to accommodate some of the industry’s most challenging roofing conditions. To learn more about our products, contact us here.

Cape Coral Condominiums

Modern Development USA logoBy the time Nathan and Gwen Franses established Modern Development USA in 2019, Nathan already had built up a 15-year reputation for excellence in the commercial roofing industry — a fact that enabled the new company to reach $1 million per month in gross revenues within its first three months.

When Cape Coral Condominiums called Modern Development for a 200,000-square-foot re-roofing project over several buildings, Polyglass was their brand of choice.

Nathan points out that Modern’s use of Polyglass proved to be a selling point that helped them win the bid for Cape Coral Condominiums. “Quite simply…it is the best,” says Nathan. “The clients knew who Polyglass was and the tile underlayment system, so it was easy to sell. The fact that it got the client a 30-year underlayment warranty made it a slam dunk.”

Project Needs and Challenges

Located in Cape Coral, FL, Cape Coral Condominiums is a multi-building residential complex located in one of Florida’s most popular tourist and vacation destinations—but also an area prone to tropical heat and the occasional hurricane. To solve this project’s re-roofing challenges, Modern needed to choose a roofing underlayment system that was especially conducive to steep-sloped roofs and could accommodate tile roofing. They also required an underlayment rated for high temperatures and high wind resistance.

To meet these challenges, Modern Development chose a two-ply system specifically designed for tile assemblies. The process began by applying an initial layer of Polystick MTS Plus, a dual-compound self-adhered underlayment rated for its thermal stability and ratings for temperatures up to 265 degrees Fahrenheit. After applying all flashings, metals, and penetration accessories, the team then used a second Polyglass underlayment of Polystick TU MAX, a homogeneous rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane designed to meet ASTM and TAS testing requirements for steep slope roofing systems, before applying the final layer of roof tiles.



Become a Registered Polyglass Contractor like Modern Development USA

Years before starting Modern Development, Nathan Franses had observed the quality of Polyglass roofing products and had worked with nearly every product they ever made. It comes as little surprise, then, that Modern Development is a proud and loyal Registered Polyglass Contractor.

“Polyglass installation techniques are very easy to learn and to teach new hires,” says Franses, “ensuring that all 400-plus of our roofers install and design the system the exact same way ensuring quality. The ease of installation is great, and the process is seamless. Polyglass also has amazing content they share with us to share with our labor force. They also have their own educational programs to help ensure a proper understanding of their product uses and installation details.”

Membership as a Registered Polyglass Contractor gives you numerous advantages, including the latest updates on new product releases and the chance to accumulate Club Premio points toward travel, event tickets, merchandise, and more. You’ll also have access to Polyglass’ educational platform Polyschool, as well as a company listing on our Polyglass contractor searchable directory. To apply to become a Registered Polyglass Contractor, click here.

Polyglass is an established leader in providing innovative solutions for the roofing industry, featuring a broad line of high-quality products designed for a full range of roofing challenges. To learn more about our products, contact us here.

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Oasis at Naples Condominiums

Located on Arbor Walk Circle in Naples, Florida, Oasis at Naples is an expansive condominium community built around six lakes, conveniently located near shopping, dining, and beaches.

When Crown Roofing, LLC was contracted to install new roofing on the Oasis Naples Condominiums in Naples, FL, sales rep Paul Ladea was very clear as to why they chose Polyglass’ Polystick® TU MAX as their roofing underlayment: “It’s the best underlayment in the world.”

For this roofing project, Crown Roofing installed new wood decks and applied Polystick TU MAX as an underlayment beneath Eagle Malibu Riviera concrete roof tiles — a project covering a total of 130,000 square feet.

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Why Polystick TU MAX?

Polystick TU MAX is a homogeneous rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane underlayment ideal for mechanically fastened roof tile applications. It integrates patented ADESO® Self-Adhered Technology for maximum adhering capabilities, plus the patented SEALLap®, a factory-applied adhesive treatment at the membrane overlap, allowing for easy application and improved performance. TU MAX also features a superior polyester reinforced surface fabric which increases its durability and UV exposure rating.

TU MAX was an excellent fit for the Oasis at Naples project because it meets or exceeds ATSM and TAS testing requirements for steep slope roofing. In addition, the surfacing is rated for 180-day exposure, is skid-resistant, and can withstand stacked tiles for extended periods of time without losing viability, making it a great option for larger, more time-consuming projects.

More About Crown Roofing

Crown Roofing, LLC logoFrom its beginnings in November 2012, Crown Roofing, LLC was established on the premise that a lean, efficient business model could give customers more affordable roofing prices without sacrificing quality or service. In the years since, Crown Roofing has become a premier roofing contractor with five locations serving Central, South, and Southwest Florida.

They maintain their high levels of quality workmanship by providing extensive training for all their crew, performing quality control inspections at every site, and using high-quality products like Polyglass.

Crown Roofing is a Registered Polyglass Contractor and many of their team members have participated in Polyschool, a series of courses designed to help train companies in understanding the benefits of Polyglass products and ensure proper installation for maximum performance.

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Whisper Trace at Fiddler’s Creek

Located in Naples, Florida, Fiddler’s Creek is an expansive luxury master-planned community featuring gorgeous condominiums and resort-like amenities. Whisper Trace is an attractive condo community located within Fiddler’s Creek, many of Whisper Trace’s units are used as vacation homes.

For a recent roofing project at Whisper Trace at Fiddler’s Creek, Crown Roofing was called on to install 160,000 square feet of new roofing on fourteen residences in the community. The roofing company relied heavily on Polyglass products for this project’s roofing materials.

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“We always use Polyglass because we believe in the product.”
— George Cavada, Crown Roofing Account Manager

Crown Roofing used multiple products from the Polyglass line to cover various aspects of the roofing installation:

  • Polystick MTS Plus, a high-tensile-strength self-adhered waterproofing underlayment designed for high-temperature roofing applications (e.g., metal roofs)
  • Polystick TU MAX, a rubberized asphalt underlayment with slip-resistance ideal for steeper slope roof sections
  • Elastobase, an SBS modified bitumen membrane base sheet ideal for a wide range of roofing systems
  • Elastoflex SA V and SA P, a self-adhered base sheet and self-adhered cap sheet, both of which use ADESO technology

For the Whisper Trace project, they installed one layer of Polystick MTS Plus and one layer of the Polystick TU Max. The flat areas used Elastoflex SA V base sheets and SA P cap sheets.

More About Crown Roofing

Crown Roofing, LLC logoCrown Roofing, LLC was established in 2012 on the premise that a lean, efficient business model could give customers more affordable roofing prices without sacrificing quality or service. Crown Roofing has since become a premier roofing contractor serving Central, South, and Southwest Florida. Their commitment to quality is reflected in the extensive training they provide their employees, as well as using only the highest-quality roofing products available, including Polyglass.

Crown Roofing is a Registered Polyglass Contractor and many of their team members have participated in Polyschool, a series of courses designed to help train companies in understanding the benefits of Polyglass products and ensure proper installation for maximum performance.

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