Understanding Innovation at Polyglass and Its Importance

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At Polyglass, innovation means staying ahead of the competition by actively responding to customer feedback and needs with impactful changes to our products. In today’s fast-paced market, companies that fail to innovate risk becoming irrelevant or even obsolete. Innovation at Polyglass goes beyond generating new ideas; it involves implementing these ideas to foster growth and achieve success. Polyglass stands out as a prime example of a company that thrives due to its steadfast commitment to innovation.

Founded as a small, family-owned business, Polyglass has differentiated itself from others by continually evolving through innovation. Key technologies like ADESO®, a dual compound self-adhered membrane, CURE Technology® enhancing surface reflectivity and membrane emissivity, and Burn-Shield Technology®, a fire-resistant and self-adhered waterproofing underlayment, have been pivotal in driving Polyglass’s expansion. These innovations underscore the critical role of innovation in maintaining relevance and achieving sustained success in the competitive marketplace.

Emerging Trends in Roofing Materials

The roofing industry is currently influenced by several key trends that are shaping its future. Depending on their perspective—whether they are roofing contractors, specifiers such as consultants and architects, or building owners—their needs and priorities can vary significantly. However, two prominent trends stand out.

Firstly, roofing contractors are grappling with a significant challenge due to a shortage of skilled labor. This scarcity has prompted contractors to seek out products that not only enhance safety but also boost productivity. Self-adhered membranes exemplify this shift in preference. Their user-friendly application, safety benefits, and quick learning curve present an appealing alternative to traditional methods involving roofing torches or hot asphalt.

Secondly, changing weather patterns, possibly influenced by global warming or climate change, are profoundly impacting the choice of roofing materials. The frequency and severity of extreme weather events such as heatwaves, wildfires, hailstorms, and hurricanes are on the rise. In response, Polyglass has innovated products specifically engineered to withstand these challenging conditions. Recent advancements like Polyanchor HV, Modifleece, and Polystick XFR address these evolving demands by offering superior resistance to extreme weather elements and aiding buildings in meeting stringent building code requirements.

Ensuring Compliance and Continuous Improvement

Ensuring our products meet rigorous standards while continually enhancing them is a fundamental focus at Polyglass. Our product development process entails extensive testing and adherence to diverse codes, which can be both time-intensive and involve iterative improvements. For example, we conduct thorough preliminary tests internally before submitting products to accredited third-party labs recognized by building code authorities, such as those in Florida or organizations like UL. These tests assess factors like fire resistance, wind resistance, and other critical criteria.

The ongoing cycle of testing and gathering feedback plays a pivotal role. As building codes evolve over time, products that once met standards may no longer comply today. Therefore, staying proactive and responsive to these changes is imperative. Our dedicated codes department and product management team diligently monitor and forecast shifts in building regulations to ensure our products consistently meet current compliance requirements and maintain their effectiveness in the market.

Innovating Based on Real-World Feedback

At Polyglass, innovation thrives on diverse feedback and insights from multiple sources. One of the most valuable avenues for gathering insights is through direct engagement on rooftops with contractors who utilize our products. Their firsthand feedback on installation challenges and suggestions for improvements often serve as catalysts for new ideas. Additionally, we regularly convene internal brainstorming sessions and collaborate annually with our top contractors to refine and evolve product concepts.

This hands-on approach ensures that our innovations are not only innovative but also practical, meeting the everyday needs of our users. For instance, our development of ADESO technology stemmed from recognizing the limitations of single-compound self-adhered membranes. By introducing a dual-compound system, ADESO enhances both weather resistance and adhesion properties, directly addressing feedback received from the field.

The Evolution of Modifleece

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Our recent innovation, Modifleece, exemplifies our dedication to continuous improvement and responsiveness to market demands. It stands as the industry’s pioneering SBS modified fleece-backed base sheet, specifically designed to address challenges such as high costs, lengthy installation times, and performance issues associated with existing solutions. Modifleece underwent a rigorous development journey, progressing from initial concept through field trials to its final launch, ensuring it not only met but exceeded all requisite standards and garnered positive feedback from contractors.

Modifleece boasts versatility, making it compatible with various substrates, and features immediate water-tight seams, crucial for preventing water damage during installation. The favorable responses from contractors underscore its ease of use and effectiveness, reaffirming our belief in the paramount importance of ongoing innovation.

Final Thoughts

Innovation is at the core of Polyglass, driving our ability to remain competitive, anticipate the changing needs of our customers, and effectively respond to the challenges presented by shifting industry trends and weather patterns. Through constant testing, feedback collection, and product enhancement, we strive not only to meet but to surpass market expectations. This steadfast dedication to innovation is the cornerstone of Polyglass’s ongoing growth and success, enabling us to deliver superior roofing and waterproofing solutions renowned for their durability and reliability in any environment.

Contact us today to discover how ADESO Technology and Polyglass’s versatile solutions can elevate your roofing projects to new heights of performance and customization.