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Modifleece is a fleece-backed Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) modified bitumen roofing membrane base sheet for use in multi-ply low-slope roofing systems. Utilizing a unique laminating process, a specially formulated dual compound is integrated into the polyester fabric to create a monolithic bond between the two components. The self-adhered side laps are protected with a release film which is removed at the time of application, exposing the aggressive self-adhered SBS compound which provides immediate watertight seams.
The proprietary SBS top compound offers quality waterproofing and weathering physical properties while the polyester fleece bottom surface allows application to multiple substrates by using the Polyglass LRF CR low rise foam adhesive. Modifleece is ideally suited for application directly over irregular or semi-rough surfaces such as Lightweight Insulating Concrete (LWIC) and re-cover over existing Modified Bitumen roofing systems and in areas where superior wind uplift resistance is required. Modifleece is applied using Polyglass LRF CR low rise foam adhesive in a spatter pattern while the top film surface offers application of a variety of Polyglass self-adhered or torched membranes.

Typical Applications

• Use as a base ply adhered to LWIC (Lightweight Insulating Concrete)
• Use as a base ply adhered to existing APP/SBS modified bitumen roofing system
• Over other approved substrates

Features and Benefits

• Versatile: over semi-rough/irregular substrates; under torch or self-adhered APP/SBS cap sheets
• Tough polyester reinforced bottom surface fabric provides strong foam adhesive bond for higher wind uplift resistance
• Provides a strong and durable waterproofing substrate for other roofing membrane plies
• Quick dry-in adhered non-penetrating system: no fasteners needed
• Extend life of existing roof systems and avoid costly tear-offs – increase warranty coverage
• Easy to install self-adhered side laps with immediate watertight seal

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