ADESO® Technology Has Changed Roofing

In the world of construction, technological innovations continue to transform how structures are designed, constructed and maintained. One such innovation that emerged 2 decades ago, is Polyglass‘ ADESO® Technology which is a self-adhered adhesive technology that is utilized for a wide range of membrane applications that has, and continues to transform the roofing industry.

The idea of providing a polymer-based asphaltic membrane some 20 years ago was unheard of, since then attempts to copy this technology have been attempted by many, but in the end only ADESO Technology remains as the leader in the roofing industry and continues to be the future of membrane roofing systems.

The ADESO Technology Difference

Traditional roofing products and practices, while effective, have often involved complex, time-consuming processes with greater safety risks. With the advent of ADESO Technology, the roofing landscape has been significantly improved, offering superior solutions for both low and steep-slope roofing applications.

ADESO Technology facilitates the manufacture of a self-adhered membrane with dual-asphaltic compounds. An ADESO membrane utilizes a pure APP or SBS compound within the membrane and on the top weathering side, while an aggressive self-adhered compound is applied to the underside or bottom of the membrane.

ADESO Technology has brought numerous advantages to the roofing industry, redefining the way roof membrane systems are designed, installed and maintained.

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ADESO Technology Benefits

Simplified Installation: ADESO’s self-adhered application method has simplified more complex installation processes. This has translated into quicker and easier installations, compared to conventional roofing methods.

Durability: ADESO self-adhered membranes, with pure APP or SBS compounds and specialized reinforcing fabrics, exhibit strength and resilience, as well as long-lasting protection even under challenging weather conditions. ADESO membranes resist punctures and maintain their performance over time, a testament to their durability.

Watertight Seal: The unique ‘peel-and-stick’ technique of ADESO membranes ensures optimal adhesion to a variety of surfaces, creating a robust and weathertight seal. The robust seal at properly installed lap joints prevents water infiltration within the system and the building.

Versatility and Customization: ADESO Technology is incorporated across a wide array of Polyglass’ modified bitumen APP and SBS self-adhering roofing systems as well as our extensive line of Polystick underlayment products. This broad spectrum of products offers roofing professionals the flexibility to choose the most suitable ADESO solution that aligns with their project needs. Additionally, ability to customize and utilize a mix of SBS and APP based membranes provide options for an ideal system to address unique environmental conditions and roofing challenges.

Aesthetic Appeal: The self-adhered application process avoids the excessive compound bleed footprints and scorching/staining normally associated with more traditional systems that are torched, mopped or in cold adhesives. The result is a clean, professional finish that elevates the overall appearance of the roofing system.

Time and Labor Savings: ADESO’s efficiency can offer users substantial time and labor savings. The simplified installation process can eliminate labor-intensive tasks and can speed up project timelines. The elimination of open-flame applications, further simplifies the installation, increasing safety, reducing costs and enhancing productivity.

Integrated Innovations: ADESO Technology integrates Polyglass’ patented innovations, such as FASTLap® and SEALLap® Ultra. These features enhance lap sealing and accelerate the installation process, and enhance the roofing system’s overall efficiency and reliability.

Superior Adhesion: ADESO’s aggressive self-adhered formulation, ensures maximum adhesion, minimizing the risk of leaks to avoid potential for water and building damage.

Quality Assurance: Polyglass, an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, ADESO membranes are tested internally during the manufacturing process as well as tested by Certified Independent Laboratories to all applicable industry and Code requirements to ensure a level of quality and reliability.

ADESO Technology – the Future of Roofing Systems

ADESO Technology represents the future of asphaltic roofing systems. It has literally transformed the industry and continues to elevate itself above its competition.

With its advanced technology in product design and unique self-adhering properties, ADESO can eliminate the need for traditional installation methods, making it safer, more reliable, and cost-effective. Its versatility in bonding to different substrates and exceptional durability make it a preferred choice for contractors and building owners.

As the industry continues to prioritize safety, efficiency, and sustainability, ADESO’s self-adhering technology aligns with these objectives and is poised to become increasingly prominent in the roofing industry.

The potential for future advancements in ADESO technology is impressive as Polyglass continues to explore new materials and construction methods to further improve the performance and sustainability of roofing systems.

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Trust Polyglass’ ADESO Technology Roofing Membranes

Polyglass has been at the forefront of self-adhered technology, introducing it to the market and consistently improving upon it. ADESO Technology is a culmination of this continuous advancement, solidifying Polyglass’ place as a leader in this market segment.

Its commitment to educating users through its Polyschool training sessions, further equips contractors and installers with the expertise needed for successful project execution. In addition, the unparalleled technical and sales support structure offers assurance that help is always within reach.

With a clear commitment to ongoing research and development, Polyglass positions itself as more than a product provider, but a long-term partner for all your roofing needs. To explore how Polyglass can support your project, reach out at (800) 222-9782 or via online contact form.