SEALLap® Ultra

SEALLap ULTRA is the patented, granule-free and self-adhesive compound in the side lap of Polyglass’ ADESO® granulated cap sheets.

Polyglass has redesigned the manufacturing process to develop patent pending SEALLap ULTRA.

By applying self-adhesive compound in the granule-free side lap, as well as the bottom layer, ADESO Self-Adhered modified bitumen membranes now offer a side-lap with greater shear strength than any other mod-bit roofing assembly. This includes torch, mop cold process or any other non-Polyglass self-adhered roofing membrane.

When compared to similar membranes and traditional application methods:

The newly redesigned manufacturing process applies self-adhesive compound to the side lap as well as on the bottom layer of the membrane.

SA to SA bond of SEALLap ULTRA has many benefits:

  • Labor and time savings
  • More efficient and less costly installation
  • Instant side lap bond
  • Monolithic seal
  • Cleaner application
  • Safe, no open flame application
  • Superior watertight sealing

Learn how to properly install self-adhered membranes with SEALLap ULTRA.