FASTLap®  on Premium Heat Welded Modified Bitumen Cap Sheets

FASTLap is a patented, granule-free end lap now featured on Polyglass premium heat welded modified bitumen cap sheets. FASTLap was designed and engineered as a solution for:

  • Labor and time savings
  • Stronger Seams, Fast!
  • More efficient and less costly installation
  • Safer and cleaner application
  • Fewer call backs, fewer repairs

Polyglass patented FASTLap for granule free roll ends is protected by a removable film for easy installation.

Polyglass FASTLap Granule Free End Laps
Polyglass FASTLap Granule Free End Laps
Competitor Granulated End Lap

The granule free end laps provide you a clean surface to adhere consecutive rolls.

  • No need for heating and scraping granules at the roll ends
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Stronger, more reliable seams
  • Clean and easy lapping of rolls

Polyglass is the only manufacturer of modified bitumen membranes with FASTLap in the industry. Unlike any other heat welded granular cap sheets, Polyglass’ plastomeric and elastomeric (APP and SBS) membranes featuring FASTLap require less time to install. Resulting in greater long-term protection for the building owner.