Martha’s Vineyard Storage Facility

Trademark Services LLC Located in Edgartown, MA, Trademark Services, LLC is a full-service contractor and builder serving businesses and residences on Martha’s Vineyard.

Catering to a mostly high-end clientele, Trademark Services focuses on using only the highest quality construction materials on both residential and commercial products, including the use of Polyglass roofing products on several multimillion-dollar homes on the island. So when they were called upon to install a roof on a high-end new construction storage facility, Polyglass was naturally their brand of choice.

Project Needs and Challenges

This project called for a 20,000-square-foot new roof installation on a new construction climate-controlled storage facility on Martha’s Vineyard. Since the facility was to be used for the storage of residents’ valuables during the off-seasons when they were not on the island, the roof had to have flawless waterproofing and be able to withstand the occasional hurricanes and Nor’Easters that sometimes affect the area, especially in the fall and winter. Additionally, since the roof was being installed in November with shortened days and the possibility of inclement weather, so the team needed a quick-apply base layer to provide immediate waterproofing protection while construction continued.

To meet these challenges, Trademark Services applied multiple layers of products from the Polyglass Elastoflex line over tapered ISO insulation. The first layer of the 3-ply system was Elastoflex SA Base, which provided immediate waterproofing protection so other tradesmen could do their work on the interior while the rest of the roof was installed. They then installed an inter-ply sheet of Elastoflex SA V and finished the roof with an Elastoflex SA P cap sheet.

Why Elastoflex?

Trademark Services chose the Polyglass Elastoflex system because of its dynamic combination of fast, easy application and superior weathering performance. By using Elastoflex products exclusively, the team was able to install multiple plies quickly and easily to ensure maximum weatherability of the roof — a must-have considering the valuables that would be stored inside. The Elastoflex product line consists of a series of high-quality elastomeric membranes designed for optimal long-term weathering protection.

Products used in this project include:

  • Elastoflex SA Base is a premium self-adhered elastomeric membrane base for low-slope roofing designed with a strong non-woven polyester mat for enhanced tear strength and puncture resistance. It is also rated for 90-day exposure, making it an excellent option for a temporary roof on its own (which is why Trademark Services chose it).
  • Elastoflex SA V is a high-quality elastomeric membrane designed with a reinforced fiberglass mat for dimensional stability. It serves well as a base layer on its own, or it can be used (as in this case) as an interply membrane used in a multiple substrate system.
  • Elastoflex SA P is a superior quality SBS granulated cap sheet built with a non-woven polyester mat for outstanding weathering, puncture, and tear resistance.

All Elastoflex products used in this project feature the patented ADESO® Dual-Compound Self-Adhered Technology for easy self-adhered application. They are also rated as Miami-Dade County Approved for superior protection in hurricane-like conditions.

Polyglass offers superior roofing solutions to accommodate a full range of roofing challenges. Contact us to learn more about our products.

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