Caddo Parish School Board Building

Based in Shreveport, Louisiana, DRI-CON, LLC is a full-service contractor that specializes in commercial roofing and building envelope solutions. Since its beginnings in 1998, DRI-CON has established itself as an industry leader, hired for projects across the mid-southern states and beyond.

Among their long-term clients is the Caddo Parish School Board, Shreveport, which has hired them for a wide range of jobs, from minor roof repairs to full roof replacements. When the parish contracted them recently for a full roof removal and replacement on an administration building, DRI-CON’s roofing system of choice was a combination of high-quality Polyglass products.

Project Background

Serving all of Shreveport and Caddo Parish, the Caddo Public School Board administers nearly five dozen schools occupying 63 buildings across the parish. Most of these buildings range in age between 30 and 102 years old. The roof replacement for the Caddo Parish School Board building is part of a large Building and Equipment Renewal project for the school system to perform necessary repairs on many of their facilities.

The project itself called for the complete roof removal and replacement of a 30,730 sq. ft. flat roof over the school board building. The roof deck consisted of lightweight insulating concrete over steel. The DRI-CON team began by laying a 6-mil. standard poly sheeting vapor membrane, followed by High-Density (HD) PolyISO Roof Cover Board for hail resistance.

After applying Polyglass WB3000 acrylic primer, the team installed ADESO® self-adhered Elastoflex SA V for the base membrane, followed by Elastoflex SA P for the cap membrane. They then sealed the penetration details with Polyglass Polyflash® 1C, a high-grade polyurethane white flashing compound.

Jake Woods, Project Manager at DRI-CON, explained their choice of Polyglass roofing solutions for the Caddo Parish project. “At DRI-CON, worker and site safety is paramount when considering roofing products,” he said. “Time-tested product performance also guides our decision-making process when selecting roof systems. With Polyglass ADESO membranes, we get the best of both worlds: a product that can be installed both safely and efficiently, as well as achieve better performance than systems installed with traditional methods thanks to innovations such as FASTLap® & SEALLap® ULTRA.”

Polyglass Product Spotlight

The Caddo Parish School Board roofing project featured the following Polyglass products:

  • Polyglass WB3000: A water-based, low VOC acrylic primer designed to improve the adhesion of self-adhered roof membranes to both porous and non-porous substrates.
  • Elastoflex SA V PLUS: A strong elastomeric base ply low-slope roofing product manufactured using patented ADESO® dual-compound self-adhered technology combining an SBS modified asphalt compound on the top layer with an aggressive self-adhesive compound on the bottom layer. (Applicable Standards): ASTM D6164, Type I, Grade S.
  • Elastoflex SA P: A robust elastomeric SBS granulated cap sheet utilizing ADESO self-adhering technology. (Applicable Standards): ASTM D6222, Type I, Grade G.
  • Polyflash® 1C: A powerful one-component, moisture-cure silane-modified polyurethane white flashing compound designed to provide stellar waterproofing for irregularly shaped roof penetrations such as roof drains, curbs, vents, etc.

Polyglass celebrates 30 years of cutting-edge product innovation for the U.S. building and waterproofing industries, featuring a broad line of premium roof coatings and roof maintenance systems for commercial roofing contractors.

Evolving through innovation, Polyglass now also offers high-performance and exceptional quality Building Envelope Solutions.

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