Polyglass Waterproofing Solutions For Omni PGA Resort Bunker

Project Type Commercial
State/Region Texas
Application Type Pre-Applied and Cold-Applied
Year 2023

The Omni PGA Resort Bunker project was a unique challenge that required a high-performance waterproofing solution. The project was managed by Sunbelt Waterproofing & Restoration LLC, which specializes in providing below-grade waterproofing systems, joint sealants, damp proofing, and water repellents. The project was completed between October 2022 and February 2023, and the size of the bunker was 4,000 sq. ft.

Project Challenges

The PGA Resort Bunker, despite its relatively small size, was an important project that required careful attention to detail. As part of one of the most prestigious golf destinations in the country, the bunker needed to not only serve its functional purpose but also meet the high standards of the PGA Resort. The bunker would be a visible and integral part of the resort, and as such, it needed to be designed and constructed to the highest standards of quality and durability.

This meant that Sunbelt Waterproofing needed to use only the best materials available to ensure that the bunker’s basement walls and concrete structure would perform well and look great for years to come. They wanted a comprehensive waterproofing solution that could meet the specific needs of the PGA bunker project. They were looking for a single source that could provide water-tight material for each condition, including the underslab and blindside waterproofing, vertical concrete walls, and horizontal waterproofing of the lid.

Solution: Advanced Waterproofing Solutions From Polyglass

Polyglass USA was chosen for the products because of the superior waterproofing product portfolio and the industry-leading Technical Services team who was instrumental in offering waterproofing advice and support for the project. Polyglass recommended a combination of waterproofing solutions, including Mapeproof AL Pro for the underslab and blindside portions of the project due to its adhesive bonding technology for top waterproofing performance and 46mils of constructed membrane thickness to protect against damage from the other trades.

For the vertical below-grade walls, Mapethene HT60 was used and protected with Mapedrain HS. Finally, 120mils of Mapeseal GC for the lid and proprietary Mapeproof™ Liquid Membrane for tie ins and transitions. Together, these products provided a high-performance, monolithic waterproofing membrane that was able to protect the bunker from moisture intrusion, even in the tight areas where it was installed. Polyglass also provided project-specific details for all termination points to ensure compatibility and sequencing of each system.

Sunbelt Waterproofing’s PM, Donnie Willey, had a great experience working with Polyglass on this project. According to Willey, Polyglass was a reliable partner throughout the process, providing on-site technical support and regular communication with their regional representatives. Given the size, complexity, and fast-paced schedule of the project, this level of support was essential to its success.

Willey noted that the Polyglass products performed as intended, and he is pleased with the outcome. “I look forward to working with Polyglass in the future,” added Willey, sharing his great satisfaction with the partnership. Long-term trusted client relationships are a testament to Polyglass’s commitment to providing high-quality products and exceptional field support at all times.

Product Information

Mapeproof™ AL Pro: A pre-applied waterproofing membrane that forms a strong adhesive seal to safeguard underground structural elements against water infiltration and horizontal water movement. It features easy-to-form self-adhered side laps, high hydrostatic head resistance, and excellent chemical resistance to protect against gas vapor intrusion.

Mapedrain™ HS: A durable, high-capacity drainage mat that provides hydrostatic relief and prevents the passage of sand or soil particles, while serving as a protective shield for Polyglass below-grade waterproofing membranes. It diverts water away from waterproofing systems and stands up to backfill pressure.

Mapethene™ HT60: A self-adhered waterproof membrane designed for use in elevated decks and below-grade structures, featuring a formula that combines a rubberized adhesive with an HDPE layer to prevent gas, water, and moisture infiltration. It’s easy to apply, highly flexible, and offers excellent protection against chemicals and gas vapors.

Mapeseal™ GC: A fast-curing, single-component waterproofing membrane that can be applied to green and damp concrete. It’s a cold-fluid-applied membrane that can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, as well as for green concrete applications.

Mapeproof™ Liquid Membrane: Polyglass offers a wide variety of waterproofing membranes ranging from fluid applied membranes, sheet membranes and bituminous membrane solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our range of innovative, high-performance construction waterproofing solutions for your project.

Products Used

Mapeproof™ AL Pro

Mapethene™ HT60

Mapeseal™ GC

Mapeproof™ Liquid Membrane

Mapedrain™ HS