Polyvap SA S

Applicable Standards
Application Methods

Polyvap SA S is a non-asphaltic self-adhered vapor and air barrier for use in commercial low-slope roofing applications. This membrane features a high strength polypropylene sheet with an aggressive acrylic based adhesive on the bottom that bonds to most substrates.
Polyvap SA S is a carrierless membrane and surfaced with a slip resistant top to enhance walkability. This membrane can be used as a temporary roof for up to 180 days.
The top surface is compatible with approved coverboards and Polytherm insulation; mechanically attached or adhered with Polyglass LRF (low-rise foam) adhesive. Polyglass offers a variety of waterproofing membranes to complete the roof assembly.

Features and Benefits

• Aggressive self-adhesive for wind uplift performance
• Impermeable to air, moisture, and water
• Slip-resistant top surface compatible with Polyglass LRF (low-rise foam) adhesive.
• Weather install temperatures from 20°F and rising
• Direct to metal deck application; no primer required


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