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Polystick XFR Self Adhered Fire-Resistant Roof Underlayment!

The Product Showcase pavilion features some of the best products and services the industry has to offer, and new technology that has hit the market in the last year. Be sure to stop by the Product Showcase on the show floor, booth # 3701 to view Polyglass’ new Polystick XFR Self-Adhered Fire-Resistant Roof Underlayment display

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Stop by Polyglass’ booth # 1413 to watch daily product demos, learn about our latest innovations and ask how to get Q-Rewards Bonus Points.

11:30am & 3:00pm   2ply Self-Adhered system with Elastoflex SA V PLUS & Polyfresko® G SA demo

Polyfresko® G SA is a highly reflective, white modified bitumen cap sheet meant to be used as part of a multi-ply roof system.  It is developed with Polyglass’ patented CURE Technology®, a thin film technology applied to the membrane during the manufacturing process to increase longevity and energy efficiency, improve stain resistance and granule adhesion and prevent damage from UV rays.

1:30pm & 4:00pm SEALLap® Ultra demo

SEALLap® Ultra is the patented, granule-free and self-adhesive compound in the side lap of Polyglass’ ADESO® granulated cap sheets.Polyglass has redesigned the manufacturing process to develop patent pending SEALLap ULTRA.By applying self-adhesive compound in the granule-free side lap, as well as the bottom layer, ADESO Self-Adhered modified bitumen membranes now offer a side-lap with greater shear strength than any other mod-bit roofing assembly. This includes torch, mop cold process or any other non-Polyglass self-adhered roofing membrane.

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Get an in depth look at our patented ADESO Self-Adhered Technology, presented by Polyglass’ Betiana Acha, Director of Research and Development, and Marco Sieber, National Product Manager.

Visit Booth # 2101 on the show floor

Wednesday, February 2 from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm.

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Stop by our booth to learn about our latest innovations and ask how to get QRewards Bonus Points.