Polyglass Roof Restoration Saves Nautical Towers From Extensive Water Damage

Deerfield Beach, FL – The Nautical Towers, an iconic high-rise condominium boasting panoramic beach views and unique architectural design, recently faced a significant challenge with its rooftop. The building’s striking exterior concealed a troublesome issue – water ponding on the rooftop due to poor drainage and inadequate design, resulting in repeated water intrusion and compromising both the building’s integrity and the residents’ comfort.

To address this critical problem, Perkins Roofing, a leading roofing contractor based in Miami, Florida, was brought in to find a solution. As a Quantum Contractor with Polyglass, Perkins Roofing’s expertise in roofing services and extensive experience with Polyglass products made them the ideal choice for this complex project.

The Challenges Faced

The root of the problem lay in the original flat roof of the Nautical Towers, which lacked the necessary slope to direct water towards drainage points. As a consequence, rainwater accumulated in large pools on the rooftop, leading to water intrusion within the building and threatening its structural integrity over time. While a complete re-roofing would typically be the standard solution, the Nautical Towers faced budgetary constraints that made a full replacement financially impractical.

Adding to the challenge was the height of the high-rise building, which complicated roof repairs. Conventional roofing materials and equipment were difficult to transport to the top of the building, requiring manual labor, specialized equipment, and potential street closures for crane operations.

The Innovative Solution

With the project’s unique challenges in mind, Perkins Roofing devised an out-of-the-box strategy, leveraging their expertise in Polyglass roofing products and practical experience to address all the issues effectively.

Dean Perkins, President of Perkins Roofing, explained, “We offered the building a Polyglass silicone restoration as a solution to restore the existing roofing system based on a certified engineer’s moisture survey. The solvent-based silicone system proved more compatible for recoatability. We also installed a Traffic System to the mechanical units on the roof along with a walk pad from the roof access door to the stairwell.”

The restoration process began with various repairs using Polyglass roofing products, including Polyflex® SA V and Polyflex® SA P, which provided a robust underlayer for subsequent coatings. PG 500, a high-quality adhesive, was used to ensure superior flexibility in waterproofing repairs.

Polyflash® 1C was employed for sealing various details like roof drains, vents, curbs, walls, and other uniquely-shaped objects, offering enhanced performance and durability. Combined with PolyBrite Reinforcing Fabric, the solution met the unique flashing needs of the Nautical Towers building.

The roof was then prepared for the silicone restoration process, starting with PolyBrite® 98 as a primer, creating a strong base for subsequent layers. A base coat of PolyBrite® 95, a moisture-cure silicone roof coating, was applied, followed by another layer of PolyBrite 95 as a top coat to ensure maximum protection.

Additionally, a traffic coat of PolyBrite 95 with silica sand was applied to areas with heavy foot traffic, ensuring improved traction and increased durability for maintenance and necessary visits.

The Benefits of Silicone Restoration

Silicone restoration proved to be an ideal solution for several reasons. Silicone’s natural water resistance addressed the water retention issue effectively. Its lightweight nature and ease of application facilitated transportation to the high-rise location, resulting in significant cost savings compared to a full roof replacement.

The successful collaboration between Perkins Roofing and Polyglass not only resolved the Nautical Towers’ roofing challenge but also showcased the power of innovative solutions in the roofing industry.


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