Polyglass’ Multi-ply Roof System Performs in Severe Weather

Weak roofing systems will fail in extreme weather; hailstones will pierce it, rainwater will get beneath it, strong winds will lift it, and extreme heat will expand and shift it.

The performance of a roof is linked to its design. From the manufacturing of the products to the system installation, roof performance depends on the quality of its components.

Before a Polyglass modified bitumen membrane is manufactured, the product goes through rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand virtually every weather condition. Polyglass’ modified bitumen membranes are either reinforced with fiberglass to provide dimensional stability or polyester to improve puncture resistance. Membranes that feature patented CURE Technology® incorporate ceramic microspheres, proprietary resins and UV stabilizers to the surface to enhance reflectivity, granule adhesion and stain resistance.

Polyfresko G Installed atop Texas Warehouse BuildingIn the event of a severe hailstorm, which can drop grapefruit size hailstones, a Polyglass modified bitumen roof system with CURE Technology can manage the impact of the hail because it is resilient and durable. Building owners and facility managers cannot afford to install any roof system besides a modified bitumen multi-ply roof system.

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