Joseph Caleb Daycare Center
Joseph Caleb Daycare Center

Joseph Caleb Daycare Center

Project Type Commercial
State/Region Florida
Application Type Self-Adhered
Year 2017
Square Footage 20,000

Joseph Caleb Daycare, an early childhood education center in Miami, Fla., gets a new self-adhered, modified bitumen roof system. Roofing contractor Florida Building & Supply removed the existing failing roof and installed Polyglass’ roof system featuring CURE Technology® and ADESO® Technology. The daycare center, which caters to over 160 children, remained open during the roofing project.

The project required an energy efficient roofing solution that also complied with the South Florida wind resistance requirements for high velocity hurricane zones. Furthermore, the building owner preferred a roofing solution that did not release fumes and odors during installation, narrowing the options available.  Polyglass’ self-adhered modified bitumen roof system was a perfect fit for this project because of its high reflectivity, durability and ease of installation.  In addition, waterproofing the existing skylights presented a challenge because they were irregular shaped.  Polyglass’ PolyFlash 2C, an odor free, liquid flashing system was applied to the skylights to form full closure.

Roof System Components
The 20,000 sq. ft. roof features Polyglass’ three-ply, self-adhered modified bitumen roof system with a 20 year roof systems warranty.  System components include:

  • Elastoflex SA V, a self-adhered SBS modified bitumen membrane. This membrane was used for the base and interply sheets.
  • Polyfreskco G SA, a white, self-adhered APP modified bitumen membrane was used for the surface layer of the roof system. Polyfresko G SA cap sheet is manufactured with CURE Technology, a thin-film technology that improves the membrane’s durability, UV and stain resistance, and granule adhesion.
  • Polyflash 2C, an odor free, UV-stable fluid-applied flashing system was used to waterproof the skylights.

Self-adhered, three-ply modified bitumen roof system featuring highly reflective Polyfresko G SA cap sheet.

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Products Used

Polyfresko G SA

Polyfresko® G SA


Polyglass Elastoflex SA V with sand product image

Elastoflex SA V