Polyfresko G APP
Polyfresko G APP modified bitumen membrane
Polyfresko G APP
Polyfresko G APP modified bitumen membrane

Sarasota High School, Fla.

Project Type Commercial
State/Region Florida
Application Type Heat-Welded
Year 2016
Square Footage 52,000

Project Overview:
Founded in 1913, Sarasota High School in Sarasota, Florida has undergone several renovations to accommodate its expanding student body. As part of a $42 million campus redevelopment project, the Sarasota County School Board renovated several buildings on the campus. Springer-Peterson Roofing and Sheet Metal based in Lakeland, Florida was selected for the work.  The roofing contractor recovered the buildings using Polyglass’ Polyfresko® G cap sheet. Polyfresko G is a highly reflective white APP granulated cap sheet membrane. It is manufactured with Polyglass’ patented CURE Technology®, a thin film technology that improves the membranes longevity. Membranes with CURE Technology are highly reflective, energy efficient, UV and stain resistant and retain granules longer.

The Springer-Peterson crew worked with a tight timeline to complete the 52,000 sq. ft. job. The roof was made up of 11 different roof areas with parapet walls a minimum of 4’ high separating them. Access was minimal on one side of the facility. The expansion joints were located at the walls making them challenging to install.  The crew also had to protect the grass and sidewalks as they worked on the roof.  The project was completed before school reopened in fall 2016.

The Roofing System Selected:
Springer-Peterson installed the Polyfresko G cap sheet to an existing substrate. The system was installed after perimeter fastening enhancements were in place to meet uplift requirements. Polyglass’ PolyFlash 2C liquid flashing system was used for the details.  PolyFlash 2C is a fluid-applied urethane material using a fleece reinforcement which forms watertight flashings at joints, parapets, walls, and other penetrations.

Products Used

Polyfresko® G