Waianae District Park Gym

The Waianae District Park Gym, owned by the city and county of Honolulu, is one of the most used public areas in the community. The roof protecting the gym became damaged, had leaks and electrical issues. This resulted in the closure of the gym’s second floor. Leeward Roofing & General Contracting removed the old roof and replaced it with Polyglass’ SBS multiply modified bitumen roof system. The roof was completed just before the 2018 hurricane season and the building was used as one of several evacuation centers on the island.

Contractor:  Leeward Roofing & General Contracting, Hawaii

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University of Hawaii

This high profile job was one of two jobs completed at the time for the University of Hawaii Law School. The 1,500 square foot roof was in need of replacement. Having minimal disruption to the law students utilizing the library to study was critical to the job. After the tear off all the way to the concrete roof deck, a layer of Polyglass APP Base was applied, followed by Instastik applied EPS insulation Securock cover board, two plies of Elastoflex SA V base sheet and Polyflex® G FR in white.
The project was completed in record time and the result is a roof that will protect the library and its occupants for years to come.

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Marco Polo Condominiums

The new system specified included membranes from Polyglass, beginning with its Elastoflex SA V FR base sheet. Polytherm 3.1-inch polyiso insulation board was adhered to achieve an R value of 19. The system was then topped with one ply of Polyglass’ Elastoflex SA V FR base, a self-adhered modified bitumen base sheet. Polyflex G FR, a polyester-reinforced mod bit granulated cap sheet, was then torch-applied to finish the job. It is available in a variety of colors, and white was chosen for this project.

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Honolulu International Airport

Certified Construction opted to re-roof the 250,000 square foot airport with Polyglass’ Elastoflex® SA V and SA P three-ply, built-up roof system. Elastoflex SA V and SA P are premium self-adhesive roofing membranes with ADESO® technology.

The membranes provide a simple, safe and economical roof installation without compromising structural integrity and lap sealing capabilities. Eliminating the need for torching and mopping, Elastoflex membranes provide strength, weathering resistance and waterproofing performance.

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