Polystick IR-Xe

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Adeso Technology

Polystick IR-Xe, is a homogeneous rubberized asphalt waterproofing compound, fiberglass reinforced, with an aggregate surface for skid resistance for use in ice and water-shield applications. The rubberized asphalt seals around correctly installed nails on the weathering surface. Split release backing film aids in easy positioning of sheets to maintain proper line. Polystick IR-Xe underlayments are manufactured using patented ADESO® Dual-Compound Self-Adhesive technology, whereby a “true” polymer modified asphalt compound is applied on the top layer and an aggressive self-adhesive compound is applied on the bottom layer. Polystick IR-Xe is packaged in a roll of 201 sq ft (finished roof coverage) weighing 70 lbs in a patented Easybox®that facilitates easy handling of rolls.

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