For long-term energy savings, as well as extended protection from heat and UV deterioration, consider Polyglass’ roof systems made of white of Kool Roof Solutions®. Specially formulated in our laboratories using state-of-the-art technologies, and manufactured with the highest quality ingredients, these modified bitumen membranes and elastometric coatings are designed to reflect the sun’s rays away from your building, keeping interior temperatures comfortable and adding up to significant savings on energy bills over time. Our Kool Roof Solutions® products are ENERGY STAR® rated and CA Title 24 Compliant, affording long-term protection from the elements and potentially extending your roof life significantly.

Our specially formulated white elastometric coatings provide an eco-friendly, reflective barrier to your roof that helps maintain comfortable temperatures inside while affording seamless protection outside. Kool Roof coatings are highly effective against moisture penetration and UV rays, meaning your building stays cooler and your roof lasts longer.

Manufactured using our patent-pending CURE Technology®, our Kool Roof modified bitumen membranes not only meet and exceed most cool roofing standards, but are also designed to resist granular loss, asphaltic bleed and color staining. This means your membrane roof will retain its reflectivity and color integrity for many years to come.

Polyglass has combined cutting-edge technology with environmentally friendly practices to develop a product line that is highly effective in extending roof life while promoting lower energy consumption. To learn more about our Kool Roof Solutions®, call Polyglass today at 800-222-9782.