PolyBrite® 35 CA

Applicable Standards
Application Methods
Roof Brush

PolyBrite 35 CA is a tough, superior quality water-based elastomeric coating. This proprietary formulation uses a high-tensile strength 100% acrylic resin that cures to form a seamless fluid applied armor over approved roofing substrates. PolyBrite 35 CA can be applied as either a base or top surface coating. This product has excellent adhesion to sprayed polyurethane foam (SPUF) and a variety of other construction and roofing substrates and exceeds the tensile strength of typical acrylic roof coatings.

Specially formulated to provide superior durability and dirt pickup resistance.

PolyBrite 35 CA protects against damaging ultraviolet rays, due to its high reflectance properties, keeping the roof surface cool in high temperatures that result in reduced building energy costs. PolyBrite 35 CA exceeds the minimum requirements of ASTM D6083 Type I and II forming a highly durable protective layer extending the life of the roofing system assembly.

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