Elastoshield TS G FR

Product Certifications
Application Methods
Hot Asphalt

Elastoshield TS G FR membranes are premium elastomeric, fire-rated, SBS (Styrene- Butadiene-Styrene) modified asphalt roofing membranes specially designed for hot asphalt, cold adhesive or heat welding (with burn-off polyethylene) applications. Reinforced with a superior polyester membrane, the Elastoshield TS G FR exhibits exceptional tensile strength and puncture resistance. The granulated surface provides superior long term UV protection. Manufactured for the commercial, industrial and residential markets, the proprietary SBS asphalts and product composition will offer long term resistance to moisture, dimensional stability and flexibility. The top surface of the Elastoshield TS G FR membrane has a granular finish available in a variety of colors, free of granules along the selvage edge.


  • white


  • weatherwood

  • red blend

  • pine green

    pine green

  • oak

  • gray slate

  • chestnut


  • buff

  • black

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