Polyflex SA Base

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Adeso Technology

polybase_sa_base_newPolyflex® SA Base is a premium, self-adhered base ply roofing membrane. Polyflex SA Base is specifically designed to be used as a base sheet for heat welded roofing assemblies. Polyflex SA Base is constructed with a black mineral surfaced APP weathering compound, uniquely formulated to provide for exceptional bonding to heat welded interply or cap sheets. The membrane is reinforced with a high performance fiberglass mat. Polyflex SA Base is manufactured using patent pending ADESO Dual-Compound Self-Adhesive technology providing for an aggressive self-adhesive compound on the bottom layer. Polyflex SA Base has a split release film for ease and safe application to approved substrates. Polyflex SA Base is packaged in a patented EasyBox that facilitates easy handling of the rolls; each roll provides for approximately 200 square feet of coverage and weighs approximately 70 pounds.

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