High-Rise Apartment Complex

Roofing contractor NV Roofing in Chantilly, VA restored 250,000-square-feet of aged modified bitumen roof with Polyglass’ silicone roof coating system. The new coating system provides an energy efficient, water-resistant and long-term solution for the Washington DC apartment building. The NV Roofing crew first cleaned and repaired the roof before applying PolyBrite® 98 One-Part Acrylic Primer/Bleed Blocker for silicone coatings. PolyBrite® 95 Silicone Roof Coating was used to complete the system.

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Edgewood Terrace

Edgewood Terrace Commons IV, a 258-unit high-rise building in Washington DC, was reroofed with Polyglass’ multi-ply roof system. The 25,000 sq. ft. roof had severe ponding issues and held water after heavy rainfalls and snow storms.

To solve the roof challenge, roofing contractor DC Duct & Sheet Metal LLC tore off the existing system down to the concrete deck and created a tapered design to ensure positive drainage. The tapered insulation was adhered to the deck followed by cover board and Polyglass’ high performing three-ply roof system. Products included two-plies of Polyglass’ Elastoflex SA V self-adhered base sheet and Polyflex® G torch-applied cap sheet in white.

To seal the large number of penetrations, the roofing crew used PolyFlash® 1C,  a one-component, liquid flashing compound that can be used to seal roofing and waterproofing details such as walls, curbs, vents, roof drains, pitch pans and unusually shaped penetrations.

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