Polyfresko G SBS

Product Certifications
Application Methods
Hot Asphalt
Polyfresko_G_SBS_newPolyfresko G SBS is a premium modified bitumen roofing membrane available with a sanded back for mop or cold adhesive applications, or a polyolefin film for torch applications. Featuring patented CURE Technology, Polyfresko G SBS has a highly reflective, granule surface which meets, or exceeds most standards for “cool roofing” and is listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) with an SRI of 90. Polyfresko G SBS is constructed with a high performance polyester reinforcement which provides for a roofing membrane with exceptional tensile strength and dimensional stability. CURE Technology’s innovative thin film technology provides the added features of exceptional granule retention, stain and discoloration resistance and UV stabilization for long term durability and performance. Polyfresko G SBS is free of any VOCs and is environmentally friendly.

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